A.H.H.A’s “Hood On” is something I can’t even ironically stan


A.H.H.A recently debuted with “Hood On“, which I anticipate everybody liking ironically, but I can’t even bring myself to that point.

Oh god, I can’t wait for the bandwagon of international fans praising them for being different or natural or some variation. If they actually were those things, then I’d be on board with supporting them, but let’s be honest, if 2NE1 or SNSD released this shit, they would (rightfully) be dragged to hell and back. Then add on the fact that they don’t appear to be able to sing, struggle to move in heels, and don’t have any visuals, and it’s just a recipe for disaster.

Everybody else can jump on the wagon and die of dysentery later on down the trail, but I’ll be hopping off right quick.


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