TVXQ/iKON freak out over official fandom color is based on incorrect info

TVXQ fans have been freaking the fuck out about iKON allegedly taking their official fandom color of red, but that’s all been for nothing because iKON have no official color yet. The rumor that started all this originated on Pann (of course), and it somehow advanced to the point where the TVXQ fandom started trending #RedisTVXQ along with text and photos that resembled something the brainwashed subjects of a dictator would post.


Like I said with the Yunho/Jaejoong stuff, welcome back, Cassies.

Anyway, I’m here to tell people to pump the fucking brakes on the witch hunt. The stuff iKON fans were using to light up their showcase were actually wrist bands that changed color (nine different ones) and nothing more.


To prove the point, here’s a screenshot from their debut showcase live broadcast where it’s flashing purple and not red.


I seriously deserve hazard pay for having to go through that showcase.

Anyway, if that still isn’t enough evidence, then also factor that the person who initially wrote the Pann post that caused all this has already edited their post to clarify that they got it wrong and that an official color for iKON hasn’t been decided yet.


So sure, maybe iKON’s official fandom color will be red, and at that point the TVXQ fandom can feel free to freak the fuck out over a pointless color like it’s literally life or death. Until then though, I just thought I’d let them know that everything they’ve been doing recently has been utterly pointless and this entire mess was over a blog entry that had provided no evidence for its claims at the time and ultimately proved to be bullshit.


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