BREAKING: Hero Gilme makes ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’ worth watching again


Unpretty Rapstar 2‘ released the teaser for the one-on-one battle that’s coming in a couple days, and despite Yubin/Hyorin getting the headlines (and Yubin throwing disses involving Soyu and Bora, lol), Gilme stole the show for me by saying what everybody should’ve said from the start.

Gilme and Truedy are battling, and the important lines in the clip are:

Stop your Halloween cosplay,
Your rap is nothing special, it has no content,
Black people? Take off your dark makeup.

Gilme, I liked you before, but now I will stan you forever and ever and ever.

There apparently been rumors that Gilme is next off the show, maybe due to Truedy dickriding or due to Gilme’s lines not hitting as hard in Korea or maybe due to that medical issue (that Truedy hit on, btw), but whatever happens to her from here on out, Gilme can know that she died a hero.

All jokes aside, the one that actually hits home from Gilme is the line about how Truedy’s lyrics don’t have any real content. Regardless of whether you cared about Truedy’s cosplay or not, she HAS basically coasted on her delivery and sounding like Yoon Mi Rae rather than saying, well, much of anything.


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