I am boycotting Twice because JYP trolled me with “Ooh-Ahh” teasers


I was already impressed with Twice‘s visuals, and I like a few of their members as it is, but the new teasers released by JYP Entertainment were designed to troll me and now I hate them forever and ever.

On the surface, the teasers for Nayeon, Momo, and Mina for “Ooh-Ahh” look great, but there was a nice surprise for me in all of them.

Oh man, look how hot Momo and Mina* look and … *SHITS PANTS* … FUCK YOU, JYP!

From his plastic pants days to this, JYP is forever the boner deflater.


*Nayeon looks like Itano Tomomi … take that as you will.


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