Nana makes world a better place with her existence on ‘Get It Beauty SELF’


Nana doing things is important enough to write a billion articles, but I was particularly drawn into this ‘Get It Beauty SELF‘ edition because it’s pretty much propaganda for DHC Korea.

This explains those glorious pics from before but, even with Nana being flawless, I can’t help but pick apart some random stuff in this video.

NanaGetItBeauty (1)

First of all, olive oil is a vegetable oil. Checking if a vegetable oil is indeed a vegetable oil seems like pointless advice that tries to pass as actual information. Not much of a shocker since this is basically an ad.

Secondly, if you choose to use an oil cleanser, a very important step is emulsifying it: simply wet your hands and gently massage until the oil turns into a milky substance. This leaves fewer residues after rinsing and helps to remove those last bits of makeup. This particular cleanser requires an extra step with a foam cleanser, which can be a hassle for many and a detriment for the few whose skin can’t handle that much stimulation.

NanaGetItBeauty (3)

Which takes me to a mini rant about toner: if you already have to go through the mess of cleansing twice, toner shouldn’t be necessary. In most cases it isn’t, it just happens to be marketed as a “must” step which, you guessed it, is bullshit.

Lastly, why in the fuck would someone put oil on top of makeup? Unless you’re in for a melted look, skip this and a use a glowy highlighter like BECCA‘s Shimmering Skin Perfector.

NanaGetItBeauty (9)

Bottom line: olive oil is no miracle ingredient; its particles are too big to perform as a serum, which should be your first step after cleansing. It’s also mid-tier on anti-oxidant content when compared to other oils, and many people are sensitive to pure oils being applied directly on skin anyways.

Bottom line of the bottom line: Nana is hot and she’s gonna sell this shit like water in a desert anyway. Just check the comments under the video if you’re a skeptic.

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