G.NA would like a Five Girls reunion so somebody should get to work on that


G.NA wants ‘The Best Girl Group That Never Was’, Five Girls, to do some sort of collaboration, a stance which is very agreeable and probably too good for this timeline.

The solo artist mentioned to BNT International that watching Yubin on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘ had boosted her interest in a Five Girls reunion.

“I always wished to collaborate with the Five Girls members [Hyosung, Uee, Yubin, Jiwon, G.NA], and watching Yubin on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ has made me even more eager for it,” she added.

The most amazing thing about the Five Girls lineup is that every member was still able to go out and find relative success within the industry. UEE became a part of After School and has been in umpteen pictorials since then. Hyosung became an integral part of SECRET. Yubin, of course, killed it in the Wonder Girls. Even Jiwon eventually found a group to call her own in SPICA (#SomeonePleaseFindSPICAIThinkTheyHaveBeenMisplaced). Hell, it might be one of the rare times where a group’s misfortune — Five Girls’ nickname was “The Unlucky Group” after the group disbanded after filming a reality show about themselves for their planned debut — ended up being extremely fortunate for all involved.

Still, a reunion is enticing because, holy hell, that’s a stacked roster of K-pop talent and visuals right there. The quintet may lack a standout main vocalist (with Jiwon probably being the best bet), but a hypothetical reunion would be so good for so many reasons.






Granted, it will probably never happen because of the ridiculous grind of K-pop schedules and presumably iron-clad label contracts, but if The Powers That Be can make Dazzling Red happen, there’s always hope, right? RIGHT?!?!?!

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