JAV star Sakura Mana to special guest at university student festival


Special guests at university student festivals in Japan are nothing new, but it’s rather noteworthy that one university in Gifu is bringing JAV star Sakura Mana in as a special guest. But what the hell will she do, right? Photo opportunities and a “Kiss Abstaining Championship” are on tap, but this is 100% a porn plot, right?

Of course, anybody could have made up a fake poster for something like this, but Sakura Mana herself has been tweeting about it, even saying that she’s looking forward to it.

Of course, for the purpose of journalistic integrity, I needed to thoroughly vet the facts of this story, during which I found her best works with translations like “Her Obscene Mouth Wants To Suck 24 Hours A Day”, “Obscene Hips And A Big Dirty Ass – Straddling Cowgirl Fuck With Her Ass Exposed”, and “Extreme Cumming! Demonic Piston”.

Truly artistic marvels, IMO.


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