Media are upset (and dumb) that Soyu’s back didn’t magically heal for them


Media members at a SISTAR fansigning were mad that Soyu wasn’t in a smiling and happy mood on stage, and when I saw this was being reported and made into a thing, I started laughing because surely this had to be some kind of satire or something, right?

No? The media is pretending they don’t read their own stories? Holy fuck.

SISTAR held a fan signing for a shoe brand in Seoul’s Time’s Square earlier today, but some reporters seemed to have found Soyu’s facial expressions and attitude inappropriate. According to reports, Soyu wasn’t smiling, and she seemed to not be having a good time.

Well, I guess that does sound lacking in fanservice and…

After her supposed “bad attitude” made headlines, Starship Entertainment came forward to explain and apologize. The agency explained that Soyu has still not recovered from her back injury, which occurred at the ‘Kyung Joo Hallyu Dream Concert’ on September 20, and she’s also suffering from the flu. She was also reportedly spotted in low spirits at the October 1st ‘M! Countdown’, an October 8th fan signing, and on the 9th on ‘Music Bank’.

…oh that actually sounds like a bad combination of a serious back injury and then a flu making sure she feels every single ounce of pain and weakness. Yikes.

SISTAR’s agency stated, “Soyu’s condition wasn’t good after she hurt her back at a concert. She’s receiving treatment and completing her schedule, but her condition even worsened as she’s suffering from the flu. We apologize that she wasn’t able to show a good image to her fans at the fan signing today. We plan to minimize her schedule from now on.”

Wait a minute, that concert incident sounds familiar. Was that the concert from before?


But hey, it’s not like the media knew about it, right?

Meanwhile, the incident was widely discussed as the video for their performance circulated online as SISTAR was left to perform live on such dangerous stage conditions, especially following G-Friend‘s viral “Me Gustas Tu” performance. However, it was clarified that the cause of their slip was possibly due to leftover water and firecracker debris from the previous performance and their high footwear. The staff was spotted cleaning up the main stage in between performances.

Okay, but surely it’s not as though the major story a week ago was SISTAR’s fandom being pissed over the treatment of Soyu…

The post also highlighted other incidences where Soyou pretended to look bright on camera in-between filming, but had to ask the production to be halted in order to rest and continue filming. Netizens further criticized the agency for allowing Hyorin, Bora and Dasom days off during the holidays, while Soyou continued promotions with her collaboration with 10cm’s Jung Yeol.

…to the point the company had to address the concerns…

Starship Entertainment was briefly able to comment on Soyou’s condition after netizens highlighted the issue after her M! Countdown filming on October 1st. The agency only stated that they are aware of her back condition and pain management but no modifications to her schedule were arranged.

…and so did members.

Bora was also able to address the issue to their fans as she asked for their understanding while Soyou continues to take breaks in-between their stages as part of her recovery. The singer was later on seen sitting on the floor backstage while the rest of the members entertained the crowd between performances.



Funny that.

So basically, it’s only been about a week since the major issue that the media was covering was Soyu’s body being in shambles. As such, you can see why I find it comical that a fucking week later the same outlets are trying to make it like she’s some kind of bad attitude iljin super slut thug cause she’s not all smiley on stage when they literally all covered the reason it probably took enough painkillers to kill an elephant just to get Soyu to be able to move around.

I get that idols have duties and have to fight through a certain amount of pain, and that’s why she’s up on stage, but no, back injuries that make it difficult to walk correctly are not gonna magically disappear in a week. And no, she’s not gonna be super thrilled. This seems painfully obvious.

In conclusion, people are dumb and so is the media.


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