f(x) may have a Carly Rae Jepsen song about masturbation on album


f(x)‘s upcoming album might include a Carly Rae Jepsen track about masturbation, and if all the stuff that’s been going down recently with this comeback is some kind of grassroots campaign to raise interest levels in this album, then I’m all in. Basically, a user on Reddit posted the theory up yesterday, which might sound ridiculous as a source, but the evidence provided sort of made sense.


The story goes that Jepsen wrote 250+ songs for her latest album, “EMOTION“, and in a radio interview she said that a track about masturbation didn’t make the cut.

“Thank you! I couldn’t say it myself. Anyways, about five minutes into it I was like, ‘You know this isn’t making my album right?’ And we were like, ‘Well whatever, let’s just go with it.’ And it was so fun to just let yourself … Because I write for the joy of it and you’ve gotta let yourself go everywhere.”

Then she stated that a group in China wanted to take the song, and she was thrilled about that.

“We were kind of laughing a little bit later on because it got picked up actually. There’s a group in China that wants to make it their next single, and we were like, ‘Alright! I wonder if they know what it means?'”

Recently, Jepsen said in an interview with Much News that the song’s title was “When I’m Alone” and it’s still a go.

“And we’re laughing ’cause it did get picked up and we’re kind of stoked to see it kind of take on new form with, probably, a more type of a sex kitten who can pull it off.”

Sure, she said China, but China, Korea, and Japan all sort of blend for a lot of Westerners, and the last piece to this puzzle is of course that on f(x)’s just released tracklist for “4 Walls” was a song called “When I’m Alone”.


Amazing theory, honestly.

No real sense in speculating hard on this since we’ll know the answer in less than a week, but if nothing else this has made me want to listen to “When I’m Alone” at least once to see if the theory shakes out. And if it does, all the credit in the world to the Redditor for doing the legwork on this and coming up with a theory actually backed by reasonable evidence.


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