Artsy Fartsy: The Childlike World Of LUMPENS

LUMPENS are group of directors and producers, all with somewhat fine art backgrounds, and their most recent music video is IU‘s “Twenty-Three“.

They’ve done music videos from the Wonder Girls to VIXX to Nicole, but mostly they’ve done videos for BTS/EE/MFBTY. The latter three groups are all under a creative cloud within LUMPENS — for example, EE have been stylists for BTS, and Rap Monster and EE have been involved with MFBTY’s recent album.

Themes within LUMPENS are very apparent, as most of their work deals with childhood or a dystopian world of a child’s mind. They use a lot of the same methods too — CGI and childlike doodles, illustrations, and installations.

All of that was ideal for IU’s theme for this comeback, and a lot of BTS’s themes are about the frustrations that stem from the transition to becoming a man from a boy.

MFBTY are basically about family and creativity together, both of which fit perfectly within the range of LUMPENS, who expertly express how the trio want to be perceived by the viewer and listener. In particular, they’ve really appropriately came up with themes for Yoon Mi Rae.

Here are a couple of other great childlike videos from LUMPENS:

LUMPENS have not been the most well-known creative group, but after excellent recent work ranging from teasers for the Wonder Girls to IU’s new music video, it does appear like they’re gonna be on a lot more radars soon.

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