MAMAMOO’s official lightstick will be radishes, this is the best


Rainbow Bridge World unveiled MAMAMOO‘s official lightstick today, and it’s a goddamn radish just like the fandom had already been using.

I’m gonna go out on a fucking limb here and assume they will not be involved in any fandom controversies about a RADISH DESIGN and RADISH GREEN.

Even if I didn’t like MAMAMOO already I would probably join the fandom just to wear a creepy-ass mask in the crowd and wave radishes at the group.

Why haven’t other fandoms done fun-ass stuff like this? Oh right, because most fandoms are fun-sucking succubuses hell-bent on taking themselves as seriously as possible.

Oh well, I rest easy knowing that if Crayon Pop had a lightstick it would be a head on a pike.


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