WINNER’s Korean fandom boycotting latest YGE DVD release

WINNER‘s fandom in Korea is boycotting the group’s recent DVD release in response to YG Entertainment dicking them around. The fandom made a extensive list of complaints and put it in image form, which has gone viral.


Basically, they’re complaining that WINNER haven’t made a release this year and that they’ve been repeatedly delayed. Additionally, YGE keep releasing practice videos that most fandoms get for free on YouTube but YGE is selling them as DVDs, so they say not to treat them like ATMs. Furthermore, despite excuses, they promote in Japan actively and go on tour there, which only exacerbates the feeling that the Korean fandom is being used.

As far as the delays, I can imagine Big Bang and 2NE1 fandoms rolling their eyes and telling them to suck it up. But the DVD stuff really does seem like they’re just gouging their fans for money. Either way, it’s amusing that WINNER are a year old and already have a fandom revolt against YGE.


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