Min reveals on ‘Dream Team’ that she’s storing nuts for the winter


Unlike “fat” Choa, Min seriously does look like she ate for about the last month straight. I’m not even really joking either, because the last time I saw her she was looking more like her usual self and less like Margaret Cho without the tattoos.

International netizens are unsurprisingly trying to downplay this “OH MY GOD HOW DARE YOU BE SURPRISED OR NOTICE”, and that would be fine if it were you or me because nobody gives a fuck about you or me. But obviously as a celebrity she’s gonna be in the public light, and it’s not like this was a fuckin’ paparazzi picture, she was on ‘Dream Team‘ so how could everybody NOT notice that now her face is looking like she’s trying to store nuts for the winter in her cheeks?


To be fair, if I could do nothing that the public seems to like, I would just say “fuck it then” too.


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