Chorong being forced to apologize for typo is the dumbest thing

A Pink‘s Chorong was recently forced to apologize by dipshits for making a typo in a language that is not her own.


Who gives a fuck, right? Honest mistake and at least she tried.

No no, she is the dumbest and the worst and maybe was even mocking a terrorist attack or something.

1. [+205, -38] Honestly, I liked her and thought she was cute but this is disappointing… ‘play’ means to play, it’s a horrible mistake to be making in a post meant to send your condolences.
2. [+169, -42] ‘Pray for Paris’ is a phrase made for the Paris terrorist attacks, why would she write ‘play’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ play for Paris? If she wants to send her condolences, at least figure out what she’s even supposed to say, how could she not have double checked this? I don’t even think it’s a mistake seeing as how she made the same mistake twice in the title too. She’s just dumb.
3. [+157, -19] If it really was a typo, shouldn’t she have at least written it right in either the title or the post? She got it wrong in both places and you all really think it’s just a typo?
4. [+86, -5] She got pray and play mixed up…? ㅋㅋ
5. [+56, -118] She wrote it right on her Twitter ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and she fixed it so why bother hating?

Honestly, I liked her…

Past-tense, like a typo changes your opinion on a person. My god, get a fucking grip on reality. Like really.


Recently, I’ve been ignoring stupid shit like this because it’s all over if you want to find it, but the news got to the point where she actually had to apologize for this.

“No matter how dumb I am, I’m not the type of person to post something without knowing how to spell it so why did I do that. I’m curious about my own fingers. Whatever the case, let’s just say I’m dumb for misspelling it since I did misspell it. I was surprised when I first posted it and fixed it right away but people screencapped it and are talking about it now. I didn’t know until a friend texted me about it. Aigoo. Anyway, I only said this stuff because I’m upset but I did post it with the intent of expressing my condolences and one misspelling has changed everything so drastically. I’m really sorry. I’ll be more careful. Sorry to my fans.”

And that was the end of that because this whole escapade was dumb and…

1. [+441, -60] What does the ‘type’ of person to post something like that have anything to do with it being misspelled. What does being dumb have anything to do with the ‘type’ of person you are. It just proves she never studied, tsk tsk.
2. [+389, -39] So she is dumb. If she had just apologized without all that nonsense at the beginning, people would’ve sympathized and said not to hate on her over a simple mistake but the tone of her post sounds peeved… Her apology actually gives me a worse impression of her.
3. [+397, -51] PLAY vs PRAY.. it’s hard to call that typo considering how far they are on the keyboard.

…oh my god, shut the fuck up. Seriously. I can’t imagine the type of person you’d have to be to actually give a fuck about hating her over this.

Meanwhile, the international netizens are saying shit like “well she came off sorta bitchy”. Literally look at this situation and how do you not come off cunty? My statement would’ve been: “Yeah, I made a typo, my bad. Oh yeah, and FUCK YOU ALL! EAT SHIT!


Of course, what makes it worse is that all of this is only an issue because if celebrities don’t post a standard sympathizing post recognizing that humans did another terrible thing to other humans, they get ripped for not caring. But if they do post about said terrible event, then unless it’s perfectly in sync with whatever hashtag is going around, they get ripped anyway. Hell, as this proves, even if they use the right picture and the right hashtag, messing up a letter will result in outrage.

Shit is gross, honestly. Terrible events happened, she was trying to do the right thing and deleted the mistake when she caught it, and now she has to apologize for it.

Glad people are focusing on the REAL issues that plague our world.


Oh yeah, meanwhile, GOT7‘s Yugyeom did the exact same thing.


And nobody gave a fuck because K-pop is definitely not run 90% by fangirls, and that’s definitely not something actual adult Koreans think as well, only male international bloggers or some dumb shit people tell me on Twitter.


Yeah, ok.


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