Purfles work a discount comeback in “Bad Girl” the best they can


Purfles have returned to us with “Bad Girl“, attempting to return to their 1,2,3” bop roots after a bit of a letdown with “A Bad Thing.

I’m a bad bad bad bad girl.

It’s a surprisingly effective hook for a track that I think is ultimately weighed down by its instrumental, which was relatively uninspired. The brass immediately appealed to me, as it usually does, but the songs just sort of repeats over and over instead of taking things into even a slightly different direction. Even the bridge and rap sections seemed to be perfunctory, and while the girls and their vocals are game, ultimately the production fails a song with a lot of potential. Thus, “Bad Girl” falls short of anything better than above-average.

Additionally, because they can’t spend shit on music videos, they have to try to create action to match the song’s upbeat tempo through camera cuts and zooming instead of actually having stuff going on. This makes the music video a lot like T-ara‘s, though at least Purfles are doing it for a reason unlike them. It sucks because visually I think their concept has worked and they looked great, and it’s unfortunate when the budget actually affects the end product.


Purfles still haven’t released a bad song yet, and while “1,2,3” should’ve been their breakout jam, it was just what put them on the radars of most people. Following that up, they’d likely need something else to hit as well, and unfortunately I don’t think “Bad Girl” is the song that’s gonna do it.


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