3 rappers allegedly involved in drug case, Jay Park says he’s not one of them


Korean police are currently working on a case involving individuals who are selling and using drugs like propofol, cocaine, and meth, according to Asia News Communication.

On November 21st, police stated, “Until October our focus was on the dealers and smugglers but now we are going to steer our focus on the drug abusers. We plan on heavily investigate those who are in frequent contact with international students or are frequently out of the country. Drugs are quickly spreading in Gangnam, Hongdae, and Itaewon clubs. “

The relevancy to the Korean entertainment world is that the list police provided included three famous rappers. The hints given were “famous idol group rapper”, “CEO/rapper who appeared on a rap battle program”, and “a rapper who took part in the third season of [the rap battle program] and did very well for himself.”

Predictably, that led to rampant speculation, because undoubtedly the show they’re talking about is ‘Show Me The Money‘. Before long, netizens had names like Zico, Bobby, Mino, Jay Park, Dok2, Swings, and basically every relevant rapper that appeared on the show as potential candidates.

On that note, for his part, Jay Park took his and Dok2’s names out of the equation in an emphatic message to Koreaboo.

Yeah. Speculation is whatever, but I don’t know how you front as an actual news site and do shit like that.


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