Verbal Jint & Taeyeon’s “If The World Was A Perfect Place” makes things better


Verbal Jint‘s featuring on Taeyeon‘s “I seemed to be out of left field, but with this reciprocity on Verbal Jint’s album for “If The World Was A Perfect Place“, it begins to make a lot more sense.

Honestly? Instrumentally the song doesn’t stand out a ton and it follows a rather well-worn path, but it was crafted into a solid effort through the talents of Verbal Jint and Taeyeon. The song basically sells itself from the time Taeyeon starts singing and Verbal Jint starts rapping.

That said, what makes the song isn’t only the music, as “If The World Was A Perfect Place” is essentially a glorified showcase for the lyrics.

Touching on subjects like depression, societal ills, and why noodle restaurants won’t serve parsley, Verbal Jint and Taeyeon combined to craft out a quality effort that’s basically forever relevant because we will always be shit.


Imagine how much better this would be if Verbal Jint could write lyrics like Chanyeol though. If only.


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