Yezi and her high self-esteem seems to come from chill parents


Yezi and her photoshoot for Star1 has been posted before, but she also gave an interview to the publication as well. You can read the whole interview here, but the most interesting part to me was Yezi talking about self-esteem and her family.

Q: I can tell that you’re full of confidence both on and off the stage.

A: My self-esteem has always been high. But there have been times when people made me think less of myself. It’s not always about humility. Who will trust me if I don’t trust myself? When I was filming Unpretty Rapstar 2, I asked for a lot of advice, but I didn’t really receive much from anyone but the other participants. So I just decided to do what i wanted to do. So I’m pretty cool about everything, even when I get cursed at.

Q: But wouldn’t that upset your family?

A: My family isn’t really worried about it. They’ll only become worried if I’m having a hard time because of it. Because of that, I just don’t use the internet.



I was attached to this quote in particular because, well, it’s my personal attitude, but also because it’s rare honesty from an idol in a world where anything but humility from them is punished and self-esteem is generally seen as arrogance.

Anyway, the quote about her family being alright with whatever could sorta explain a lot about her attitude, like how she didn’t think twice about performing a rough sex anthem in front of her mom on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘. Most importantly, she comes off genuine in her beliefs and persona, unlike a lot of idols (male, in particular) who feel utterly forced into the sweg attitude.

Yezi still has a long ways to go, and now that the microscope is on her we’ll see more and more for better or worse, but so far, so good.







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