Psy’s entire ‘Chiljip PSY-Da’ album is a return to past glory


As we are now aware of after his release of music videos for “Daddy” and “Napal Baji“, Psy has returned to us with his album ‘Chiljip PSY-Da‘.

The whole thing is actually quite great, and particular standouts for me were “Napal Baji“, “Good Day Will Come“, and “Ahjussi Swag“.

Jeon In Kwon, in particular, was an inspired choice for a featuring.


“Dance Jockey”

“I Remember You” Feat. Zion.T

“Napal Baji”

“Daddy” Feat. CL

“Dream” Feat. Junsu

“RockNRollBaby” Feat.

“Good Day Will Come” Feat. Jeon In Kwon

“Ahjussi Swag” Feat. Gaeko

“Sing” Feat. Ed Sheeran


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