Yubin’s “Alive” featuring Yezi deserves a full release


Yubin recently posted “Alive” featuring Yezi on her SoundCloud account, which was from the live three-way battle between those two and Moon Suah, and it’s actually pretty great.

Yubin is really hit-or-miss for me on a lot of her tracks, but she’s a lot better in studio on faster paced verses where she’s able to smooth over inconsistencies shown during some of the live performances. Even then, sometimes her flow and lyrics and technical ability is up to par, like it is on “Alive”, and sometimes it’s can be borderline awkward.

Fortunately she brought it for this song with Yezi, because Yezi brought her game as well, and this turned out to be a rather amazing collab that deserves an actual release. Too bad it’s somebody else’s instrumental.


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