Dirty Iljin Manwhores: Jaehyo edition

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Given the low frequency of dick appreciation on this site, I thought it would be appropriate to provide the Asian Junkie community a service by attempting to satiate the thirst of the resident vaginas & dicks with some eye candy.

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Inspired by his recent spread for Men’s Health magazine, I’ve decided to start this series with Block B’s only visual Jaehyo.

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ManwhoreJaehyo (4)

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Some people think of him as the “useless” member, which is hilarious, because I wouldn’t enjoy these pictures at all if it was, say, Taeil. Being hot is a talent where I come from, and Jaehyo is fucking amazing at it.

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He’s not the sexy type, but rather the “being cute while awkward as heck” type, thus turning him into the perfect target for the other members’ trolling/harassment.

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I recommend this Twitter page that ships U-Kwon and Jaehyo. While I don’t care for most ships except Jackson and me, the pictures they put up are simply exquisite.

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