Krystal trolls netizens with her glorious bitchy resting face at 2015 MAMA


I didn’t find the 2015 MAMA that interesting, as I don’t with most award shows. And from my point of view, nothing especially entertaining or controversial happened. Thankfully then, sites like mine can always rely on pearl-clutching dipshits to provide content, this time complaining about Krystal and her glorious bitchy resting face.

Krystal needs to learn where to draw a line with her chic image. This is not her first rodeo at an official event like this, she can’t just stand there looking cold faced all the time. What does that make the members standing there next to her? She’s old enough to know now that there’s a time and place for her emotions and if she’s upset about something, events like this are not the place to show them. If she did get into a fight with them, she should not be showing it now.

I was in a group chat with my friends while watching MAMA and when f(x) won their award, everyone was asking what was wrong with Krystal and saying she looked pissed off… who knows what happened but she should control her emotions in a public place like this. You could tell Luna was trying to cover for her and I felt bad for her.




*Please ignore that in one of the photos provided to prove Krystal’s bad attitude, Luna has the exact same expression (though maybe that’s because she can’t make expressions anymore, but I digress).

I absolutely love how most of the time Krystal looks like she’d rather be murdering infants with an X-Acto knife than being at some dumbass rigged awards show listening to bullshit for hours on end.

Bad attitude? A fucking hero is what she is.


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