INFINITE’s Woohyun got his butt molested by a sasaeng


INFINITE member Woohyun got molested on an airport escalator recently by a sasaeng fan, which is not only fucked up but makes me wonder where the fuck his managers and the security was.

Woman: Are you tired? Are you tired?
Woman: (Broken Korean) I don’t have to teach you Chinese, right?
Woohyun: What did you say?
Woman: I don’t have to teach you Chinese, right?
Woohyun: No, don’t teach me
Woman: Chinese?
Woohyun: (Nod)
Woman: You’re good now?
Woohyun: (Says something in Japanese)
Woman: That’s Japanese!
Woman (:24): Oh sorry!
Woohyun: Why are you touching my butt?
Woman: I didn’t~ I didn’t! I didn’t even know it was your butt.

You know you’re not in the right frame of mind when you can’t catch a hint that he fucking hates your guts from that convo, and then to go ahead and end it by “accidentally” rubbing on his fucking butt is just … the entitlement is real.


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