BTS manager dismissed for threatening Jungkook, so nothing new


A manager for BTS has been dismissed from his position after fan outrage mounted due to a clip of the manager appearing to threaten physical violence against member Jungkook. Ironically enough, the clip was found on BTS’s ‘2016 Seasons Greetings DVD‘.

Maybe he was just thinking of this kind of holiday cheer?

In response, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement…

“We’re sorry for making the fans worried through the ‘2016 BTS Seasons Greetings DVD Making Video,’” Big Hit Entertainment wrote. “In order to help our artists express themselves, Big Hit Entertainment prohibits coercive or oppressive actions. We take responsibility that a problematic action was caught on a video that was supposed to be meaningful for fans.”

…and while two-second video clips is never sufficient enough data to judge and I’m always skeptical about overreaction, the manager admitted fault himself, so there’s not much to argue.

“The manager in question has admitted his error and the company will be responsible for his dismissal from his position as well as making sure that the superiors also take responsibility for the issue,” they continued.

I would say I’m surprised if I actually was surprised. I mean, besides this specific manager’s alleged history, other managers have been hitting idols, hitting fans, and acting like assholes for years now. A lot of them are glorified bodyguards and drivers anyway, and even though they are not the stars, a lot of companies empower them and they have authority in society by their age alone. It’s an odd dynamic considering they are the replaceable ones.

Anyway, considering that BTS is almost literally Big Hit nowadays, hopefully they get a manager that actually does treat them like a valuable asset instead of like … indentured servants.


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