EXID’s Hani is dating JYJ’s Junsu & 2016 is off to a hell of a start


It’s not even 2016 yet where I live, but Dispatch rung in 2016 in Korea by revealing that Hani of EXID and Junsu of JYJ have been dating for six months.

Dating all the drama out of it, C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the news.

“This is the official statement on Junsu and EXID Hani’s dating news. The two first encouraged and supported each other in their activities as a sunbae and hoobae as artists. It’s true that recently, they have begun a relationship and are meeting well. But as the two are artists who are receiving a lot of love, we ask for warm regards. As dating is a personal matter we cannot reveal any more and ask for your understanding.”


Surprising? Well yeah. But I’m primarily interested for potential drama purposes more than anything else.

The main thing to look for is what kind of annoying controversies Pann is gonna get on Hani’s case about now. Also, look for how JYJ’s fandom receives this, at least in terms of “Is Hani’s life in danger?”

We shall see.



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