BTS’s Rap Monster under fire for “plagiarizing” Kendrick Lamar verse


In early December, Rap Monster apologized for plagiarizing lyrics, which I didn’t cover cause I didn’t really care. Now though the issue has come up again and Rap Monster has this time been accused of “plagiarizing” Kendrick Lamar‘s verse on Dr. Dre‘s (forever fucking unreleased) “Pyrex“.

People are saying this is plagiarism, but the lyrics clearly aren’t plagiarized and I try to stay out of claiming plagiarism on song soundalikes. However, what Rap Monster definitely did do is flow jacking, which is not a crime or anything, but does qualify as lame to me. I dunno, this isn’t much like an established rapper borrowing a rhyme scheme once or experimenting with his flow, because Rap Monster himself doesn’t have his own flow or signature, so it comes off as an wannabe imitation of a much better rapper’s skills.

I wouldn’t say this is as big a deal as people are making it out to be like Rap Monster is “complete shit” or “should be taken to court” or “a fraud” or whatever, but it does make me think he needs to find himself and his style as a rapper if he’s serious about that route.


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