BiSH’s “Monsters” PV is a brutal outlook on the miserable stages of life


Anti-idol idols BiSH have dropped the music video for “Monster” on all of us, and your faves would never dare to keep it as real as they did. The thing starts with the group being dumped like garbage and only escalates from there.

So basically, this music video consists of BiSH getting dumped along with dirt like garbage in a landfill, them rising out of it like zombies (SYMBOLISM!), and then running across a battlefield as explosions rain down around them. Of course, there’s a random angry white dude (who I hope was cheap) berating them as their Drill Sargent along the way, but after they make it to their end goal it turns out they get blowed up by a car bomb.



But really, the whole thing is a metaphor for life, right? Right. Or if it wasn’t intended that way, then it should’ve been, cause it actually works out perfect and totally fits with the group’s anti-idol idol theme as well as the lyrics about persevering when shit hits the fan.

When will your faves send the all-too-real message that being born into this world is like being dumped into a trash pile of humans, that making it through life is dependent on banding together with the garbage that doesn’t suck since everything in the world tries to end your existence, that being berated and beaten down by society is the only thing waiting for you for most of life, that there will only be fleeting moments of grace that you must desperately cling to, and that at the end your only reward is pain and suffering and sudden death?

In the ever-relevant words of the modern-day Socrates known as Marshawn Lynch: “It get real. It get real in the field.

Indeed. Indeed it does.


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