Pann Choa admins call out Koreaboo for plagiarism


Pann Choa, perhaps the last generally nice place on the K-pop Internet (which is why I’m not there), has been driven to publicly call out Koreaboo, which should immediately indicate that some shit has gone down. And indeed it has, as what the Pann Choa admins are unhappy about is Koreaboo’s plagiarism of their site.


In short, we are not writing this article with malicious intent but rather out of ethics. We have been running this blog for a year now and have our fair share of experience with it. Hence, we understand the work that other sites’ admins have put into their articles. We felt that it was unfair and disrespectful that some of our articles have been stolen (from our perspective) without the credits due.

The article then lists a few examples of this plagiarism, and so it doesn’t come off like I simply bandwagoned on Koreaboo hatred, I went and read through their evidence to make sure their complaints are valid. What I found was that they went above and beyond to prove their point, not only citing specific examples with screenshots and explaining the context of it all, but at one point they even purposefully made a “mistake” to see if Koreaboo would follow suit, and sure enough Koreaboo did.

It’s remarkably blatant, really. There isn’t even much of an attempt by Koreaboo to cover their tracks on this, which either speaks to their incompetence or their hubris.


Personally, I’d be ripping into Koreaboo non-stop for this shit, but in what I think goes towards Pann Choa as a site is that all they want is retroactive credit from Koreaboo.

As you can see, a lot of effort goes into only 1 article (i.e.: watching videos, finding good articles, go on different portals, etc.). Furthermore, we are just normal people, so of course, we cannot pop out articles every minute even if we wanted to. So, Koreaboo, please understand our hard work and retroactively credit every articles that need to be credited.

So one article, one tweet, and all they want is retroactive credit.

Man, fuck that, I would airing them out every fucking minute. I would schedule a tweet to Koreaboo to remind them of their fuckery every 10 minutes. But nah, Pann Choa not only just wants credit, they also then apologize to their readers for a non-positive post.

Again, the community of a site is generally a reflection of how one admins their site and how they write (which is why all of you are assholes, for example). As for Pann Choa, they have an article on EXO winning the Daesang up with no fucking wars in the comments, and even an article on Sulli versus Suzy with nobody in the comments wanting to strangle each other. It’s not a coincidence, and also why I can’t be a regular there.



Anyway, good for Pann Choa for doing this, and I actually think they ended up calling Koreaboo out for other sites as well. When I read Koreaboo lately, I also vaguely recognize Netizen Buzz, K-POP K-FANS, and Kkuljaem translations in Koreaboo’s now vast amount of netizen topics. And this really does help explain how and why Koreaboo has been popping out so many netizen articles of late. I had previously thought that maybe they just finally caught on to a trend and were going with that, but they actually were just stealing.


Unrelated, but #TypeLikeKoreaboo was great.


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