Redditor’s Tzuyu stan boyfriend bordering on mental breakdown now


Since I posted earlier about the Redditor who was concerned about her boyfriend’s obsessive behavior over TWICE‘s Tzuyu, I felt obligated to share the update she posted a couple days ago.

This borders more on fanfiction than the original, and some have been calling it out with such.

Normally, I’m inclined to agree, because it is ridiculous. But the problem with stories about K-pop fandom is that they’re definitely 100% in The Tyson Zone, where it’s hard to write parody that’s too ridiculous.

Would I be shocked if this was all bullshit? No. Would I be shocked if a Tzuyu fan actually did this shit? No.

Also, and I know this might be a serious situation, but … hahaha:

At this point I was pretty angry and told him to grow up, that it wasn’t healthy for a grown man to be so obsessed with a teenager and he essentially told me to fuck off and that I was jealous of Tzuyu.

I guess this girl posted some apology video re: her scandal and I swear he was acting as if someone in his family died. He kept on raving about how he needed to be with her!



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