Viki (ex-Dal Shabet) says director & agency conned her into nude scenes


Viki, the former leader of Dal Shabet, is now best known for her work in erotic films where she’s done a bunch of nude scenes. But in an interview she gave late last year, Viki claims that she was conned into her nude scenes by the director of her first nude scene and also her agency.

While there isn’t necessarily any evidence to back her claim at the moment, the way she describes how the director basically forced her into doing the nude scenes is unfortunately not all that unfamiliar a story.

“I felt that if I had opposing opinions with my agency, I would lose out on work opportunities. The director told me that there wouldn’t be any scenes with excessive skin exposure. We actually completed filming without any such scenes, but then the director asked to shoot a couple more extra scenes with just my back exposed so I got back in front of the camera. Suddenly we were shooting a 19+ rated scene and there was not one person there who could protect me. I didn’t understand what was going on and ended up shooting the scene. The movie ended up being a huge wound for me and I was branded an ero actress, which isn’t something I wanted so I had to speak up.”

Stories similar to this out of Hollywood and elsewhere are not that rare, and if directors will use tricks like this with A-list actresses, surely they’d also do it with a former girl group member from a shady agency clinging onto celebrity.

Those alleged events are bad enough, but then her agency not only didn’t have her back, but lied to her to get her to do two more movies with nudity.

Her agency then lied to her saying she was cast in a famous drama, which she would only get to do if she shot two more movies that required nudity. Unfortunately, the promise of a famous drama ended up being a lie and the company denied ever making such promises.

It was at that point she wised up and realized what the agency was doing, and she filed a contract termination lawsuit, which revealed that her agency was basically a sham.

“I realized I was being fooled and hired a lawyer to file a lawsuit to nullify my contract. Lawsuits like this normally take a long time but my agency wasn’t registered with the KOCCA and therefore illegally operating and under no conditions to be contracting actors. I was able to leave the agency with just my wounds.”

So … yeah.

Terrible for her that it happened, but great news that this interview came out, because Viki seemed to be catching a lot of shit from netizens (of course) and hopefully this gets them to abate a bit.


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