[Update] SHINee’s stylist’s car gets egged by fans, allegedly over her using Minho


SHINee fans have allegedly egged the car of SHINee’s stylist, Choi Minhye, which is creepy not only for the action itself, but for the work required to figure out which car was hers and where it would be at.

But why was this done, right? Well, apparently Minho specifically thanking her during SHINee’s ‘Golden Disk Awards‘ speech was the final straw, because the fandom have been suspicious that the two have been an item for a while and were upset the pair appeared to be flaunting the relationship or something.

I have no idea if the stylist is really Minho’s girlfriend or not, and I don’t care, but her car was definitely egged, she was definitely pissed, and this entire saga is definitely fucked up.


What is up with K-pop fandoms and egg throwing anyway?




Found this explanation from a SHINee fan on OneHallyu that explains the situation better and seems to match up with what most are saying about it.


The reason k-shawols dislike this stylist isn’t because she’s “minho’s girlfriend” (way to go with your clickbait title). I wouldn’t really care if she’d be dating him but other than those created by ifans out of the pics she posted, there hasnt been actual rumours about it. Actually I hear she’s engaged…

The reason they dislike her is because how someone else pointed out they thought she was acting like an attention-seeker posting and deleting pictures with Minho on her twitter, keeping her location turned on in those pics thus making life easier for sasaengs, and not liking shinee’s styles very much since she was in charge.

It’s still very shitty that people’d go and egg her car for whatever reason or dislike they have for her, i wish people would just grow the f up and let her be already, she hasn’t posted any pic with shinee for ages now let the girl be.

ps. these “i thought shawols should be the mature ones” arguments are ridiculous. k-shawols reputation of being nice is for how they act towards shinee, no one thinks they’re all angels.


So it doesn’t have much to do with any relationship rumors as it previously appeared (that was international fans, apparently), but Korean SHINee fans don’t like her for other supposed “attention whoring” reasons.

People are also arguing at the moment that this egging was unrelated to the fandom’s beef with her and that she was a victim of a random drive-by egging or something, but given the history of fandoms being dumb as fuck, I’m gonna go with yeahhh … no.


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