Ex-Morning Musume member Lin Lin is producing China’s answer to AKB48


Former Morning Musume member Lin Lin seems to be doing quite well, as she took the lessons she learned from the Japanese idol industry and is now producing her own AKB48-esque group in China called Idol School.

Idol School consists of 25 members who are all students. The followers on their Weibo are now over 130,000, and 12,000 people were watching their 2015/2016 countdown concert on the internet; you can see how they’re getting popular in China.

I didn’t think much of Lin Lin as an actual idol, but it appears that she’s smarter than basically all of them. After her graduation from Morning Musume, she headed back to China and dedicated herself to becoming the person who runs shit instead of the person who gets run around.

Lin Lin was one of the first Chinese girls to join Up-Front Agency and became an 8th generation member of Morning Musume. along with Jun Jun. She also became a leader of “Mini Moni”, and on December 15th 2010 she graduated in Yokohama Arena and returned to China. Since then, she has been training herself to become a creator/producer. On her first challenge, “Idol School”, she composes the music and writes the lyrics for most of the songs. She also has many powerful creators working with as well, such as Nao Harada, Yo KEiGO, SHIKI, Seiji Kameda, and Kenichi Maeyamada (aka Hyadain).

From her time in Japan, it looks like Lin Lin learned that being an idol sucks but producing an idol group is quite awesome. Thus, China is now getting an AKB48 clone group in Idol School, and I weirdly hope it does well considering who’s running the show.



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