Sulli finally caught shit from losers for her ‘9 1/2 Weeks’ Insta posts


A couple days ago, I saw Sulli post three screencaps from the erotic-drama movie ‘9 1/2 Weeks‘ on her Instagram. I didn’t think much of it, but I should’ve known there would be backlash coming because it was ~~~SEXUAL~~~ and it’s Sulli.

Personally, the best part of it were the fans who had no idea what the hell this was, cause they were posting stuff like, “Filming new drama, eonni~?”

But netizens, of course, were fucking salty as hell, especially because she captioned the last picture with ‘Me’.

1. [+172, -3] The movie is not something ordinary. A girl and a guy fall in love. The guy makes her do sexual poses and jokes and tries to make her a sex slave. She realizes what he’s doing and falls out of the love. Sulli posted the picture of the movie and said, “me”. Isn’t she basically saying that this is her story?
2. [+153, -4] She doesn’t have a good relationship with Choiza?
3. [+123, -6] The movie is about a girl dating a guy who’s obsessed with sex. They enjoy sex together but the girl escapes later.
4. [+100, -2] I like Sulli because she’s pretty and I don’t think she had bad personalities but she’s thoughtless and immature. She’s like a kid who wants attention. I wish she had some thoughts when she was posting that. Even if she didn’t mean it in that way, it’ll still cause misunderstandings. She’s still getting sexual comments and all. It’s so frustrating that she’s causing more controversies. What’s wrong with you, Sulli?
5. [+84, -1] An immature girl fell in love with a dad-like guy and she didn’t see things right. But now she’s starting to wake up. Choiza is aged enough but he giggles as he mentions his girlfriend and writes songs about eating and doing it. If he really cares for his girlfriend, he wouldn’t do that. I guess Sulli is finally starting to see the reality. But it’ll be hard to clean things now because they already showed too much of their relationship.



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