‘Produce 101’ episode 1 with English subs is here to bless us with its messiness


Produce 101’ is out with English subs and, my goodness, it is everything that people have been hoping for and more. The good, the bad, the cringe; everything has thoroughly surpassed expectations.


As expected, Somi, Chanmi, and Dani are the most hyped and get a fair bit of screen time. However, out of the three, it is really Chanmi that makes an impression. She has positioned herself as this season’s badass by sitting atop Produce 101’s first place throne and making it extremely clear that she intends to win the whole damn thing.


Aside from Chanmi, it was the little things that made this whole episode enjoyable.

Mnet is totally making Somi out to be a spoiled, entitled, princess of JYP Entertainment, so ready yourself for the evil editing. Pledis Entertainment unleashed a group of dancing and singing androids that will take over the company once all of After School has been sacrificed graduated. Jang Geun Suk was campy and will probably go mad with power by the fifth episode, Kahi exists and she is still hot, and there are a ton of random agencies that reek of desperation (Magic Fresh Company, anyone?).

The real hero of this episode, though, is Yoon Seo Hyeung. Apparently, she is a musical actress who can actually sing. I say “apparently” because you wouldn’t know her pedigree from watching this episode, as she decided to sing IU’s “Good Day” and … missed all of the high notes.

It was wonderfully cringey, but it is theorized that she intentionally did poorly to show ‘improvement’ later in the season. Whatever the cause, she made the episode a million times more enjoyable.


Lastly, trainees are given a grade between A and F because why the fuck not? After all, ‘Produce 101’ is a mess that was put on stage and broadcast for all to see. People complain about not treating them like humans, but this is what their faves were born from, and the show is just in-your-face honesty about the rat race.

Let’s continue to anticipate.

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