4Minute return with “Hate” & Skrillex gave them a drop of trumpets farting


4Minute have returned with the Skrillex-produced EDM hip-hop track, “Hate“.

Conceptually, at least, I found “Hate” interesting. The song’s verses start off slow and melancholy, gradually build like swelling emotion (of hatred), and then the drop hits and it’s full-on hep-hap go-fuck-yourself sentiment. Unfortunately, I feel like the anti-chorus drop and sweg sweg sweg that comes along with it can only compare to “Bang Bang Bang“. That’s not necessarily a terrible thing, as many people liked or pretended to like the hook of “Bang Bang Bang”, but I was not one of them.

The verses were paced slowly and were vocal-heavy, but they were very active and there was always a hint of menace behind the instrumentation. I was also on board with the build’s construction of anticipation as it looks towards really peaking at something extraordinary. But, and I swear this isn’t just cause it’s Skrillex, the drop sounds like a bunch of people farting loudly into trumpets over and over with 4Minute just talking over it.

Guess the EDM and hip-hop combo just didn’t work for me again.


Similarly to the song, I felt like the music video contrasted the members of 4Minute looking gorgeous during the verses…



…and then looking like the ’90s hep-hap fashion fairy dropped its Goodwill jizz load on them all.




Oh well, at least this is cool.



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