Royal Pirates’ “Dangerous” features terrible lyrics but hot guys


Royal Pirates, the rock band of James the hottie, recently came back with “Dangerous” (featuring Enik Lin).

The music video isn’t much to speak of. It’s a rock band doing rock band-y things, with James and that one singer being hot (scientific interest compels me to ask who he is), and the boys doing “badass” things like getting tattoos, graffitiing the studio walls, and painting shirts.




While I know next to nothing of rock or the Royal Pirates themselves, it was quite listenable…

…save for those DAMN LYRICS.

Is it so hard to write something that’s not “your love is tearing me apart, it’s like ice, ooh baby you’re so dangerous, so dangerous, so dangerous, your poker face, I don’t want you”? You guys don’t know how lucky you are if you don’t understand Korean. Over the years, I have had to actively cultivate a mental block for comprehending the lyrics when listening to K-pop, because there’s literally no other way to manage.

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