TWICE’s Momo is now #SushiSneakyBitch, probably setup Tzuyu


Momo is now the OG #SushiSneakyBitch with that look.

Wondering who setup Tzuyu with that bullshit? Was goddamn Momo Littlefinger.

Momo is Littlefinger and JYP Entertainment is Varys.

JYPE, like most of the K-pop world, wants calm and peace and unity, feeling that it’s easiest to manipulate the masses and profit and advance that way. Momo, on the other hand, sees chaos as a way to climb the ranks, first over all the other Japanese dreamers to become a K-pop trainee, then over other trainees to get her debut, and now to sabotage her group’s top dog so she can take her spot.

All in the game, yo.



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