Comment Of The Day: JYP on Conan & a true monster thinks Fallon is better

So Conan O’Brien is doing one of his famous remotes in South Korea, and he’s going to be meeting up with JYP while he’s there. Given that it’s one of his remotes, it would be remarkable if it wasn’t hilarious, so this probably can only be a positive thing.

Unfortunately, I ended up reading the Netizen Buzz comment section, and out of all the disagreements I’ve had with international netizens in the past, I’ve never been more offended or more TRIGGERED than when I read this and saw that it was the most upvoted comment.


How anybody could prefer Jimmy Fallon‘s lame-ass to Conan blows me away, yet the ratings tell the story of the general American audience, and this preference of the Netizen Buzz commenters sorta says it all, really.


Meanwhile, Conan’s remotes alone render Fallon fucking worthless, and I guess the relevant one to highlight here would be his trip to a Korean spa with Steven Yeun.

But any of them would do.

Anyway, this should be awesome, but boy I hate people.



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