Minzy busted out dance moves for W Korea, but what did they make her wear?


Since I know the asshole who runs this site will never cover my Minzy, I must take up the torch for her and the injustice done by ‘W Korea‘.

Stans are all happy that Minzy is getting promo from the magazine, but all I could think was that she can dance much better than that and what in the hell kind of tragedy did they make her wear?


As the aforementioned asshole talks about all the time, Minzy didn’t “get prettier” like twice and start working that body out just to get stuck with panda makeup and some frumpy outfit (are those fucking glorified BIKE SHORTS?!?!?!) that makes her look like an Oompa Loompa.

I dunno how YG fucked this up, but I’m blaming it on him anyway.

End rant.

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