B.A.P’s aimed to make us all “Feel So Good” but failed to execute


B.A.P just dropped the music video for “Feel So Good” moments ago, which was a pleasant surprise since I wasn’t aware of much hype surrounding it.

“Feel So Good” aims to be a fun, carefree song that ends up as one of those infectious tracks that you can’t help but nod your head to when it comes on. Unfortunately while the instrumental has the right idea, the hook had a rather typical and generic feel to it, while the verses utterly fail to carry the mood of the song from point to point. When the bass line originally kicked in at the start of the song, I thought this was gonna be a classic summer track. But as much as I wanted to get into it, I felt like the verses and hook just failed to execute what had a ton of promise.

Unlike most K-pop boy bands, B.A.P scores better with me musically when they’re doing the epic, serious concepts (like “Young, Wild, And Free), especially because the rappers of the group have something more to work with instead of struggling to shoehorn levity into their raps.

By far the most effective part of the song was the outro, which I thought was the only vocal aspect of this track that captured what it was trying to achieve. By then, though, it was too little too late to rescue the effort. If anything, that ending tease actually made me more disappointed because it provided a glimpse of what I thought the track was going to be from the get-go.


All that said about “Feel So Good” and how I preferred “Young, Wild, And Free”, the latter’s decidedly non-pop aspects ended up resulting in B.A.P’s arguably worst performing single ever, so this change in direction to fresh and peppy as a way of almost fanservice is understandable. The music video was obviously also well tailored to head in that direction, as it providing gif-able moment after gif-able moment, but I just wish the song was more impressive musically.


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