University will get 2EYES instead of TWICE thanks to amazing screw up


In an all-time wonderful screw up, a university’s student body president mixed up his constituency’s desire for TWICE at their festival and instead booked nugu group 2EYES instead.


Announcement: “The school president is not too familiar with celebrities… He got Twice and 2EYES mixed up, so 2EYES will be coming to our school instead of Twice. The president is sincerely sorry for his mistake. He tried to change it to some other singers but the cancellation charge was too much.”

Mixing the two up is enough to deserve catching shit from your friends for the rest of your life, but to make matters worse the uni couldn’t even cancel to correct the issue and the situation is now awkward as hell.

Understandably, people are saying that 2EYES must feel terrible seeing that they only got booked because people thought they were TWICE, but really they should be thrilled they get to perform at a uni that could afford to get TWICE to begin with, and their company should media-play the hell out of this.

I mean, I know I certainly want to see the fancam now just to see the reaction, and if 2EYES were clever, they’d be rehearsing a cover for “Ooh Ahh” as we speak.


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