JJCC’s Prince Mak interviewed by Australia’s SBS 2 for ‘The Price Of K-Pop Stardom’


JJCC member Prince Mak was recently featured in an interview by SBS 2 in Australia called ‘Prince Mak: The Price Of K-Pop Stardom‘.

Like Stella Kim‘s interview (though far less serious in tone), the feature was an interesting watch, and the most noteworthy parts were probably about him not being back to Australia and not seeing his mom in about four years, talking about his insane pre-debut daily schedule from 5 AM to 1 AM on two meals a day, and revealing that he used to make a lot more money as a teenager giving dance lessons than he does now and then immediately notes “I may have said something that’ll get me in trouble, but it’s okay”.

Also, that exchange at the end, lol.



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