Block B’s Park Kyung sold his fans masturbatory tools to keep his promise


Since we now know — thanks to certain netizens who have a vast knowledge of sex — that cucumbers are used by women as masturbatory tools, how scandalous was it for Park Kyung of Block B to promise his fans to sell those purity-ruining tools to them as a reward? Extremely.

On February 22, he said, “I will finally sell cucumbers” and posted a photo of cucumbers with his faces on his official SNS. This was revealed as his pledge made for his solo song ‘Ordinary Love’s’ first rank and the mass public is paying attention to his actions. His agency Seven Seasons said, “Despite of his busy schedule, he is trying his best to keep the promise that he made with fans. On February 23, he will sell cucumbers, so please look forward to it.”

Indeed, he did go through with it, and to nobody’s surprise, there was a ton of demand for those devil sticks.

I sold all the cucumbers~~ I had 50 prepared but so many people came so I got 100 more!! I didn’t accept money~^~^ Sorry and thanks to the Bees who waited even though it was cold♡ Go back home safely~~ !!00

Nothing is innocent anymore. There’s even sexuality in my K-pop now.


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