T-ara’s Chinese fandom fights with Korean antis, Hyomin is greatly amused


One look at the netizen comments on any T-ara article, and it’s clear they still have a dedicated army of idiotic antis who are still too proud to admit they done goofed in the past.

An amusing recent trend has emerged, however, wherein T-ara’s numerous Chinese stans flood Korean news portals with comments to crowd out the antis. In one particular incident that was picked up thanks to Hyomin posting about it on SNS, Korean netizens did their usual thing on an article about a recent Hyomin photoshoot.

Some Korean netizens wrote, “So now she’s taking her clothes off….” “T-ara’s image is not good at all in Korea. These ‘jjanggaes’ (derogatory word Koreans use to call ethnic Chinese people) must have noticed that there are more negative comments than positive ones,” and, “She took everything off but those fish net stockings yet you call that modest?” referring to the title of the original Korean article which had called her look a “modest sexy.”

That’s all normal, but what ended up different this time is that T-ara’s Chinese fandom took over the comment section with positivity.

The fans’ comments read, “tara fighting ! queens fighting!” “Hyomin solo fighting!” “Hyominn fighting!We are always behind your back,” “C-QUEENS ATTACK THE KNET ANT’S AND PROTECT GODDESS HYOMIN,” “Beautiful girl !!! Sexy girl !!! Only one Hyomin in the world!!!” and many, many more–over 13,000 comments to be exact.

That effort even got Hyomin’s attention.

OMG 9599…?

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Hopefully this hilarious war continues to rage forever, and maybe we never see netizen comments about T-ara translated ever again.


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