NU’EST Minhyun forced to crawl in salt for “Overcome” MV despite salt allergy


Notice a bit of swelling on the left side of the face of NU’EST‘s Minhyun in the bottom picture? Ah yes, that’s because he’s allergic to salt, and whaddya know? The stuff they used to create snow for the group’s “Overcome” music video was salt.

“We used salt instead of snow since snow melts too quickly during long filming sessions, but because of my salt allergy, I started getting a rash on my face,” Minhyun stated, but despite his allergies, he persevered throughout his portion of the filming. He added, “I crawled on the salty ground and did my best. Because the rash had come up on my face and neck, you can only see the left side of my face during my individual segments of the MV.” Member Baekho also spoke about Minhyun’s allergies, saying, “Even when we practice and we sweat, Minhyun would have an allergic reaction to his own sweat and get rashes. He really had a hard time during the MV filming.”

So Minhyun’s skin is sensitive enough to salt that he starts to have a reaction if he even works out too much because the salt in his own sweat fucks him up. But when it comes to the music video, you know what? Fuck it, just start snowing salt on him and having him crawl through it cause everything will be fine, I guess.


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