Deep Reviews: Yoon Mi Rae deserved better than Disney-fied “Because Of You”

Rap royalty Yoon Mi Rae can also sing, and she recently stretched her vocal prowess for a project with Kenzie and Matthew Tishler for SM Entertainment, called “Because Of You“.

Unfortunately, for as much as I love Yoon Mi Rae, this song just wasn’t a thing I wanted. There’s a dislike that rises from within whenever I heard a song that’s been Disney-fied, and her voice can do so much better than belting a low-key Disney track. “Because Of You” gives me nightmarish flashbacks to when I had to sing a “Beauty And The Beast” solo in front of 1000 people.

If this SME project is gonna be primarily ballads, then they might end up charting well (which is the goal), but the music itself is gonna be a gigantic letdown.

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