Taeyang’s brother was disappointed meeting Min Hyorin wasn’t like his “fantasy”


Taeyang‘s brother, actor Dong Hyun Bae, was excited that his sibling was dating actress Min Hyorin since he’s a sasaeng for her a fan of her. However, when he actually met up with her in real life, he said he was disappointed because she wasn’t like he had dreamed.

He explains, “I’m a fan of Min Hyo Rin. I watched all of Min Hyo Rin’s photo shoots, films, and dramas. When I met Min Hyo Rin for the first time, however, she was dressed quite plainly and was not fancy like how I imagined her to be in my fantasy. That’s why I was disappointed.”

Dong Hyun Bae doesn’t mean “fantasy” like that (well, sorta), but he is still on record as publicly emo that his brother’s girlfriend didn’t look as glamorous in casual clothes as when he’s fapping to his “Min Hyorin sexy” Google Images Search at 3 AM admiring her elegant beauty in photoshoots and stanning her acting talents on the screen.

Is it ever wise to say you were disappointed with meeting a relative’s significant other in regards to their appearance? Shit, even for normal people these are comments liable to cause a decade worth of awkward Christmas parties, much less saying that shit on broadcast television. Way to go, dumbass.


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