[Update] Report of singer being booked for prostitution leads netizens to G.NA


An exclusive report by New Daily about a singer booked on prostitution charges all but named the singer allegedly involved in the scandal, leading netizens to former Cube Entertainment soloist G.NA.

Singer A (29 years old) who was recently in the news for her contract expiring with her previous agency on the 1st has shocked the industry by being booked under charges of prostitution. One source said, “The ‘famous female singer’ who was taken in by police for investigation on the 23rd is A-ssi. A-ssi was previously known for rejecting a sponsor offer by a broker but investigations have shown that she had actually accepted the offers and was booked on the 27th.” Once investigations on the 27th proved that she had indeed accepted the offers, A’s name was immediately deleted from her agency’s homepage. The media had reported on the 1st that the two had agreed to part ways after her contract expired and her agency emphasized that the decision was purely to do with her contract (and not the scandal). A debuted under the agency in 2010 and became known for her glamorous body and vocal talent and has recently been promoting on variety shows. According to investigations, A was introduced to a 45 year old businessman at an LA hotel and had sex with him for a total of three times for about 40 million won.

The report doesn’t name the artist explicitly, but it didn’t take any effort for netizens to put together the clues and figure out her identity.

1. [+142, -6] Why are you deleting the comments? Choi G.NA-ssi is going to be in the news tomorrow
2. [+71, -3] Do you want to know who it is? It’s G.NA
3. [+23, -0] It’s G.NA

The given clues were that the singer was 29 years of age, recently had her contract expire, had her former agency emphasize that it was a mutual contract termination, had a 2010 debut, and has a glamorous body. So … yeah.

While I’d love the assumptions to be wrong in this case, I find it impossible to disagree with the conclusion of the netizens if the New Daily report ends up being accurate. Either way, it’s probably only a matter of time before the name gets out into the open, and I suppose the mess truly begins from there.



This story actually goes well beyond just the one reported celebrity, as an apparent prostitution ring was brought down by police.

Police in Seoul arrested two men Friday for arranging prostitution in Korea and the United States involving celebrities, according to Yonhap News Agency. Among the four women involved was a well-known celebrity, according to Yonhap quoting police.

Last April, Kang allegedly sent the celebrity to Los Angeles where she slept with a Korean businessman in exchange of 35 million won. The three other women also flew to the city for prostitution between March and May last year for the same amount of money or less. The women allegedly received portions of the money. The report said the Korean businessman was wealthy enough to pay for all the travel expenses for the women estimated at more than 90 million won. Kang also arranged prostitution in Korea. In July last year, Kang got 15 million won for arranging sex for a 43-year-old businessman in Seoul.

Naturally, the person getting the most details spilled about them is the famous celebrity, and this report gives an idea of how she got into the shady dealings to begin with.

The CEO was known to approach female celebrities who were low on income. Celebrity A especially had borrowed 5 million won from him and was unable to pay it back until was presented the offers.

Like the report said, this scandal could potentially expand from here if it’s not mysteriously shut down at some point.


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