Supernova’s Sungmo was the drunk driving idol + company statement & police video


Sungmo of the group Supernova was indeed the idol arrested for drunk driving and police evasion, as speculated based on earlier reports.

Maroo Entertainment confirmed the drunk driving arrest, but not much else.

“Yoon Sungmo had dinner with light drinks with an acquaintance and around 1:20 a.m. today [Monday, March 7 KST], he was on his way home, driving his own car. Because there were no cars on the road at that time of the night, he ignored the traffic light and was about to enter an alley when he saw a police checkpoint and was found to be drunk driving. After being tested, he was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.092 percent and he has currently been sent home by the police.”

Member Yoon Sungmo is reflecting on his mistakes, says Maroo Entertainment, and plans on fully complying with any further investigations. Maroo Entertainment also takes the blame for not being able to take care of its artist properly. It concludes with an apology to fans for causing them concern and promises to work harder so something like this doesn’t happen again.

The company said they are still investigating, so perhaps they don’t have the whole story yet, but they don’t mention the running from the police part nor the car accident part.

Those two details are significant, though, especially in light of what appears to be dashcam footage from the police car during the pursuit and arrest of Sungmo.

Yeah, that’s terrible. Drunk driving is one shitty thing, but to then run from the police, get into an accident, and then continue running away while swerving all over the place is just horrible.


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