TWICE & G-Friend’s cover of SNSD’s “Gee” has a ‘Hoes Take Off Your Clothes’ shirt


After over a week of hype, TWICE and G-Friend finally combined to cover SNSD‘s classic “Gee” on ‘Inkigayo‘.

Thought it was a great idea to begin with and seeing it in action didn’t put me off that opinion one bit (needed moar Sana, tho).

Tiffany also liked the idea, it seems.



A few observations:

1) Netizens were whining about G-Friend’s visuals, but if anything, this showed me that Yuju and Sowon are right there in that department.

2) TWICE are quite flawless visually across the board, and I find it funny that Jihyo gets praised for her face and gets shit for her body. If anything, I think her facial features are too big for her face, but her body in this was on point. Goddamn.


3) As long as they are given quality songs, both of these groups are going to be massive.

Most importantly, Jungyeon busted out the “I <3 Cold Beer" shirt... JungyeonILoveColdBeerShirt

…and Tzuyu‘s shirt had the inspirational message of encouragement of “Hoes Take Off Your Clothes”.


Words to live by.


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